Current Events OCTOBER-NOVEMBER 2022

  • THIS AND THAT is coming back! This time to HERE in Manhattan. It will run Wednesday-Saturday from Nov 30-Dec 17. Get your tickets today!

–Thank you to everyone who came to the premier of This and That at The Chocolate Factory Theater In conjunction with The Bushwick Star. Happy to share some of the press! The New Yorker & The New York Times

  • I’m back at Blue Man Group at Astor Place in Manhattan! We recently revamped the show and made some great changes adding entirely new content! We also added some gloriously fun content from a bygone iteration of the classic original show.
  • Can I take your order? — I am making and repairing fine jewelry @studiowendt Custom orders will need to wait until October 2022 to be made.
  • I’m also volunteering on the podcast The Ralph Nader Radio Hour by posting clips from their weekly episodes onto Facebook and Instagram. I cannot recommend this podcast enough!

Published by stevenwendt

I am an actor, singer, instrumentalist musician, puppeteer, painter, and goldsmith. I believe that deep listening is the root of creativity in every form of art.

4 thoughts on “Current Events OCTOBER-NOVEMBER 2022

  1. I see in your blog that you are into solar cooking–I am producing an ongoing series on YT – – and I’d like to interview about your efforts. Let me know if you are interested!


      1. Excellent, send me some dates/times that would work for you for Zoom, Skype or any online video call–here in reply or my email, I am currently displaying and conversing with people at the MN State Fair most days through Labor Day, so dicey for the next 10 days but after Sept 5, almost wide open schedule


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